Surprising Treasures That May Look Like Junk

Posted on: 7 July 2019
Whether you've inherited your grandmother's house that's chock full of junk or you are picking through the contents left in a basement of an old house you bought to flip, chances are you will come across treasures disguised as trash. Without knowing the hidden value of perceived junk, it can be easy to toss out something that could otherwise be repurposed or sold for money. Here are five commonly discarded items that could be transformed into something useful, if not sent away for ferrous steel recycling.
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PC Recycling And The Need To Reuse Computers

Posted on: 15 March 2019
Plenty of people these days are concerned about the consequences associated with buying and throwing out electronics. Thankfully, many of these issues can be addressed through electronics recycling.  The People Who Recycle Their Computers Will Be Helping to Prevent Several Ecological Problems All at Once Laptops and other computers contain plenty of valuable components and metals. When people throw them away instead of recycling them, all of those materials will be needlessly lost.
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3 Things To Expect From An Eco-Friendly Trash Hauling Service

Posted on: 25 November 2018
Maybe you are attempting a garage cleanout or a huge cleanup project at a rental house. In either case, you are going to need someone to help you get rid of all of the trash that is involved in the process. You can usually find a few options to help with trash hauling no matter where you live, but there is one option that makes good sense if you care about the environment: an eco-friendly trash hauling service.
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A Recycling Guide For Building Managers

Posted on: 7 December 2016
Having a great recycling program in your building is something to brag about as a facilities manager. But getting the program to flow smoothly is a challenge. Here are some tips on creating a manageable recycling program for your building. Find a Company that Does it All Your first task is to find the right recycling services for your building. One of the biggest criteria will be whether they can handle everything that you throw at them.
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