3 Reasons You Should Recycle Your Car

Posted on: 21 October 2014

When your car has reached the end of its days, it can be hard to think about saying goodbye. Memories of the day that you brought it home from the dealership or long, peaceful nighttime drives might run through your mind. However, the great news is that, through car recycling, your vehicle might be able to live on forever. Here are three great reasons that you should consider recycling your broken down vehicle.  

1: It's Good for the Environment

Believe it or not, about 85% of your old car can be recycled. Companies that specialize in junk car recycling can rip out those old seats, melt down that steel, and sell it to other companies who can use it to create new car bodies. In fact, it is estimated that about 25% of the steel used in car bodies comes from recycled materials.

In addition to repurposing that heap of used metal, recycled steel requires less energy to melt, which also helps to reduce the impact on the environment. If you want to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum, consider recycling your unused ride.  

2: You Might Be Able to Get a Tax Break

If protecting the environment isn't enough of an incentive to consider auto-recycling programs, you should consider the impact that it might be able to have on your wallet. Most people don't realize it, but you can donate your car to a foundation to recycle, and in return, you might be able to receive a tax deduction.

Although the dollar amount of your deduction will depend largely on the make, model, year, and year of the car, the charitable donation will save you money when tax time rolls around. To find out how much of a tax write-off you could get for your car, contact different foundations and ask about their policies regarding junk car donations.  

3: You Can Clean Up Your Lot for Free

If your car died suddenly, you probably paid a tow truck driver to deliver the remains to your house. If you aren't lucky enough to live in an area that allows you to leave your unused car parked along the curb, it might be sitting on your lawn or inside of your garage.

In addition to annoying your wife, that old parked car might be impacting the aesthetics of your yard or taking up valuable space. Fortunately, many car recycling centers offer free removal, so you won't have to worry about hauling it to the scrap yard on your own.  

By recycling your car, you might be able to save money on taxes, make your wife happy, and help the environment.