3 Creative Ways To Recycle And Reuse Tin Cans

Posted on: 6 October 2015

Those large tin cans that you've been throwing away could be recycled – and not just at the local recycling center. They can be recycled and repurposed for dozens of useful purposes. Whether you're looking easy ways to entertain your kids, simple storage ideas, or creative ways to prepare for emergencies, empty tin cans will come in handy. Here are some simple ways to keep your empty cans out of the landfills.

Backyard Stilts

Kids love to pretend they're taller than they really are. They may walk on their tiptoes, or wear a pair of high-heeled shoes just to feel taller. You can use your empty tin cans to make fun backyard stilts for your kids. Place two tin cans on a flat surface with the open end facing down. Use an ice pick to poke two holes in the cans.

Place the holes near the top edge of the cans and make the holes on opposite sides of the can from each other. Cut two pieces of string about 3' long. Feed the string through the holes and tie a knot in the ends. Have your children stand on the cans with one foot on each can. Have your children grab hold of the string. They can now walk around the yard on their tin can stilts.

Outdoor Tabletop Heaters

Are you planning an evening backyard gathering? You can keep your guests warm by making these simple tabletop heaters out of your empty tin cans. Use an ice pick to poke several holes in your tin can. Place small pieces of wood kindling at the bottom of your tin cans. Place hot pads on each of the tables and set the tin cans on them. The hot pads will keep the tin cans from getting your tables too hot. Use a match to light a fire inside each can. The heat will escape through the holes in the cans and heat your guests.

Emergency Baby Kits

Don't know what to buy your friend for their baby shower? How about using one of your tin cans for an emergency baby kit. The kit can be stored in the trunk of the car. Decorate the outside of the can and fill it full of baby essentials, including:

  • Wipes
  • Diapers
  • Pacifier
  • Bottle
  • Formula

Don't throw away your old tin cans. They have many useful purposes. Use the suggestions described above to help you get started (or click here).