3 Things To Expect From An Eco-Friendly Trash Hauling Service

Posted on: 25 November 2018

Maybe you are attempting a garage cleanout or a huge cleanup project at a rental house. In either case, you are going to need someone to help you get rid of all of the trash that is involved in the process. You can usually find a few options to help with trash hauling no matter where you live, but there is one option that makes good sense if you care about the environment: an eco-friendly trash hauling service. Take a look at some of the things you should expect when you are working with an eco-friendly trash hauling service instead of a traditional waste collection company.  

1. Expect the company to supply containers for recyclables. 

If you are facing a major cleanup project, it is a good idea to reach out to an eco-friendly trash hauling service in advance. Most of them will help you organize your disposal efforts by supplying you with separate containers that can be used for recyclables. This can be a huge help when you are tackling a major project, but it also lessens the likelihood that things that could really be recycled would end up in the trash. Some of these companies even provide streamlined containers that can hold multiple types of recyclable materials, which can make things even easier. 

2. Expect the company to help you properly dispose of large items. 

A lot of typical waste collection companies will not do anything with large items, such as appliances or furniture. This is because a lot of large items are actually prohibited from going to landfills in most states. However, if you are working with an eco-friendly trash hauling service, there should be no problem getting rid of your larger items. They will pick up these items, take them to their warehouse, and disassemble them. Parts that can be recycled will be, and the remaining waste will be properly disposed of when they are done.  

3. Expect the company to offer rehoming help. 

If you have certain things in or on your property that are not necessarily ready for the trash or the recycling center, the eco-friendly trash hauling service will do something you probably will not expect. They will help you get the items to the nearest charity or donation center. Repurposing and reusing are hugely important to eco-friendly operations. The items that have not reached the end of their lifespans should go to someone who needs them, so the company will help you make that happen.