Surprising Treasures That May Look Like Junk

Posted on: 7 July 2019

Whether you've inherited your grandmother's house that's chock full of junk or you are picking through the contents left in a basement of an old house you bought to flip, chances are you will come across treasures disguised as trash. Without knowing the hidden value of perceived junk, it can be easy to toss out something that could otherwise be repurposed or sold for money. Here are five commonly discarded items that could be transformed into something useful, if not sent away for ferrous steel recycling.  

Wrought iron furniture and items

Wrought iron is a ferrous metal sought out by antique experts and novices alike. It is easily incorporated into a blended vintage and contemporary décor, which is a growing popular interior design style. Rusty old iron that looks like it belongs in a junk yard will quickly be snatched up on a for sale site because more people have discovered that once the rust and flaking paint is sanded off, the iron can be transformed with spray paint designed specifically for metal. Wrought iron is durable and can withstand fluctuating outside temperatures if used for landscaping décor.  

Old tin containers

Self-professed junkers go crazy for the old food tins that used to be commonplace in grocery stores before more cost-effective cardboard and plastic bags took over. Depending on the manufactured date, vintage cracker and candy tins often sell for $50 or more on online sale sites. Estate and auction sales are often full of these unique collectibles.  

Old coins 

Coins produced prior to 1964 were made of pure silver, not the nickel of today's coins. Check the dates before you spend that old money—it may be worth more than you think it is.  

Vinyl records  

While the value of old vinyl records varies, be careful not to overlook a dusty record collection buried in an attic box you may come across. It just might harbor that priceless Beatles or Rolling Stones record that will sell for half a million dollars in a day. There are several online resources that can instantly tell you if a record has any value. Plus, vinyl records on display give a room a bit of charm that will act as a conversation piece.  

Wooden Pallets and Barn Wood

Rustic, imperfect wood can be transformed into a diverse array of decor items such as picture frames, signs, light fixtures, and even furniture. Thanks to tutorials on craft sites, anyone can follow step-by-step instructions to revamp old wood into an original piece of beauty.  

The items listed above that are often tossed out as people purge items are just a few that you can turn into treasures.