Make Money Recycling Copper

Posted on: 29 June 2020

If you are looking for a way to make money on the side, then recycling is a good way to go. On top of making extra money in what can often be a relatively easy way, you will also be doing something that is good for the environment. One of the things that can bring you in a good amount of money for recycling is copper. Here are some places you can find copper to recycle: 

Wires from electronics

Many electronic devices have cords attached to them that you can cut off and find copper inside. Once you cut the wires off the devices, you can use wire strippers to easily remove the rubber coating that's on the wires and get at the copper. Collect this copper until you have enough to make a good amount from it, or add it with other copper you accumulate. 

Extension cords

The next time you get ready to throw away an old extension cord you want to reconsider. You can strip the rubber coating off of it and end up with a good amount of copper wiring from it. Also, watch what people set out at the side of the road for trash because you can find old extension cords this way as well. 

Household appliances

Many household appliances can be great sources to go to for copper. Any time you have to replace an appliance, you may want to remove the copper from the one you are replacing. You can also find appliances people want to have removed from their property and take the copper from them. A few examples of the appliances known to have copper in them include refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and more. 

The insides of electronics

Another way you can use many electronic devices to get copper is to take the devices apart and look inside of them. Some of the electronics that will contain copper inside of them include things like laptop computers, DVD players, and even the old VCRs you may still have somewhere in your garage or storage unit. Once you open the electronics, you will see small copper wires running throughout them and you can cut them out with a pair of wire cutters and add them to your copper collection for recycling. Tower computers can be a good source of copper wiring because they tend to have a larger amount of the wiring than many of the other electronic devices.

For more information about copper recycling, contact copper buyers in your area.